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Ferruccio D’Angelo

Ferruccio D’Angelo was born in 1953. He lives and works in Cambiano (To)   In the second half of the 80s, up to the early 90s, the Italian art of the last generation carries out an intelligent reinterpretation of the formal stereotypes of the twentieth-century avant-garde, from the historical ones to the closest ones in time, including pop and conceptual,… Read more →

Antenore Rovesti

Antenore Rovesti was born in 1957 in Parma, where he lives and works. Antenore Rovesti is an interesting exponent of the generation of Italian painters who appeared on the scene starting from the second half of the 1980s. Some say that his style, clearly neo-pop, is liked because it reassures, resembles something already known. It may be true, but not… Read more →

Viktorija Boguslavska ed Antonio Filippini

In 2015, the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts organized the first edition of the FISAD International Festival of Art and Design Schools The theme, by virtue of its full connection with the visual arts, and of the European Year of Sport, celebrated in Turin at the same time, was the “Sense of the Body”. Vicktorija Boguslavska and Antonio Filippini, students… Read more →

Matteo Ceccarelli

Matteo Ceccarelli was born in Turin, where he lives and works, on November 7, 1975 From a text produced by Edoardo Di Mauro for the opening of the new show room in via Rocciamelone in November 2010: “Matteo Ceccarelli is a son of art, his father, Giovanni Ceccarelli aka Nerone, was an important artist, great demiurge and assembler of materials.… Read more →

Gianni Gianasso

Gianni Gianasso was born in 1948 in Sciolze (Turin), where he lives and works From a text by Edoardo Di Mauro for his solo show at the Ikebò Gallery in Turin in 2010: “A poetics strongly characterized by the use of the pictorial instrument even if integrated by other elements that fit harmoniously into the body of the work like… Read more →

Francesco Di Lernia

Francesco Di Lernia was born in 1966 in Turin, where he lives and works Francesco Di Lernia was one of the most interesting talents, and perhaps the most original iconographically, of the new Turin and Italian painting that emerged in the early nineties. In some respects, Di Lernia’s style seems to want to revive, in contact with contemporary suggestions, an… Read more →

Giorgio Ramella

Giorgio Ramella was born in 1939 in Turin, where he lives and works. Giorgio Ramella is the example of an artist belonging to a Turinese generation now rightly defined as “historical”, that of those born around 1940, who was able to renew his style innervating it with a robust creative freshness that generated for him a true and its “second… Read more →

Enrico De Paris

Work: “Choromosoma” (2002) via Locana, 14 – MAU Museum of Urban Art – Turin Enrico De Paris was born in Belluno in 1960, he lives and works in Turin and Venice. Enrico De Paris was one of the most interesting artists to emerge on the Turin scene in the early nineties, in a rather confused and contradictory phase of both… Read more →

Carlo Giuliano

The work of Carlo Giuliano, while laying solid roots in a precise portion of the fertile ground of the artistic research of the 1960s, was able, within a coherent design path, to sprout aesthetic fruits that can also be tasted within our contemporaneity. The stylistic code of the Turin artist manifests itself as a symbolic bridge thrown between “modernity” and… Read more →


Mercury was one of the most significant exponents of the generation of Italian art that emerged between the second half of the Eighties and the early Nineties. His style, completely in tune with the dimension of post-modernity, is centered on a refined painting, full of historical, philosophical citations and related to the current events or the artist’s biography The ironic… Read more →