In 2015, the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts organized the first edition of the FISAD International Festival of Art and Design Schools

The theme, by virtue of its full connection with the visual arts, and of the European Year of Sport, celebrated in Turin at the same time, was the “Sense of the Body”.

Vicktorija Boguslavska and Antonio Filippini, students of the School of Painting of Giuseppe Leonardi and Laura Valle, have developed a visual project entitled “Il contortionista”

“The contortionist”

The box, the machine, or simply the body guided by thought, by ideas, by the soul.

Very often the human body is perceived and experienced within its container limits, it is exploited

only what is necessary to survive. As in all areas, so also in sport, the

realm of the manifestation of the body, there are people who try to test how far they can go

their physique, curious, strong, determined people. These people can be considered

even the artists. Explorers curious to go further. People who for some reason have

decided not to be satisfied with the observation of their physical and spiritual limits but that they have

understood that in the body every sense can be developed and overcome. With our masonry

we do not want to be relegated to the five classic senses. We want to explore those senses that

the senses are not taken for granted, understood as the development of the body and thought through

the artistic practices of determination, work, persistence. We want to deal with issues

such as balance, movement, flexibility as results of overcoming the limits of the body e

union of all the senses aimed at the search for an ideal perfection, of union between spirit and body. Such as

Ignazio Silone wrote in his play, taken from the novel Pane e vino: “Man does not exist

truly than in the struggle against one’s own limits. “Thus, our masonry work entitled” The contortionist “,

it will be an ode to man, a unique living being in continuous research and transformation.

The work, produced by the Accademia Albertina and the Urban Art Museum, is placed on a wall in via Rocciamelone 15

Viktorija Boguslavska ed Antonio Filippini

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