Matteo Ceccarelli was born in Turin, where he lives and works, on November 7, 1975

From a text produced by Edoardo Di Mauro for the opening of the new show room in via Rocciamelone in November 2010:
“Matteo Ceccarelli is a son of art, his father, Giovanni Ceccarelli aka Nerone, was an important artist, great demiurge and assembler of materials. Matteo, together with his brothers Lepoldo and Neri, continued along the path of artistic creativity. Matteo Ceccarelli’s aesthetic project knows no distinction between fantasy and function, high and low, conceptualism and disenchanted irony, everything merges into a unique and totalizing whole. As stated in the pages of the website, his activity expands to include “art and architecture, sculpture, furniture and artistic accessories. “The materials, used with great skill and formal awareness, are manifold, wood, marble and all kinds of metal. In his style the legacy of the minimalism of the Sixties and Seventies, focused on nudity of materials and on the interchange relationship with the user, it becomes more complex and articulated from a structural point of view, with the graft, within the m aniconic assaults, of figurative elements. For the opening of his new space in Borgo Campidoglio, where he has lived and worked for years, Ceccarelli will exhibit a series of works and creations indicative of his recent career. Among the various things, for example, a sculptural panel in aluminum and copper that will become a sliding door, a wall sculpture entitled “Desert”, where, among the folds of the metal, fossil remains and animal vestiges emerge, three suggestive oxidized copper panels that recall the abstract and minimal art of the seventies, two zoomorphic compositions, a playful pinwheel of fish and the snout of a disturbing and expressive goat, and two admirable examples of applied art, a mirror and a table where artistic creativity merges with the functionality of the everyday object. ”

Over the years Ceccarelli has continued on his eclectic path as a sculptor and designer, creating refined interior furnishings, furniture, and works including the now famous “Mantide”, successfully exhibited in Turin on the occasion of Paratissima.

Also in Turin, collaborations with the Automobile Museum, the Cristiani Gallery and the BAM Biennial of Modern and Contemporary Art of Piedmont are mentioned.

The Urban Art Museum has produced three works in the form of wall sculptures by Matteo Ceccarelli. One located at the show room in via Rocciamelone 7, two more on as many blind windows at number 14 in via Fiano (beetles in nickel-plated and oven-painted iron)

Matteo Ceccarelli

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