Giorgio Ramella was born in 1939 in Turin, where he lives and works.

Giorgio Ramella is the example of an artist belonging to a Turinese generation now rightly defined as “historical”, that of those born around 1940, who was able to renew his style innervating it with a robust creative freshness that generated for him a true and its “second youth”, from the second half of the nineties until today. The debut on the Turin scene is in the sixties, with an exhibition at the La Bussola Gallery, together with Ruggeri, Saroni, Soffiantino and Gastini. The initial works are characterized by metallic and sharp shapes on generally dark backgrounds: silver tangles of deformed structures define the series of “Incidents”. This first phase is followed by a pictorial research of a more abstract matrix, where new themes of inspiration are suggested by the phenomenology of light. Starting from a filiation to a generational situation in Turin based on abstract-informal research which, in some cases, will lead to an approach, as in Gastini, to the positions of Arte Povera, Ramella, after a return to figuration in the Eighties, will operate a drastic change in his style starting from the following decade. Thanks to a trip to New York that does not leave him indifferent to the charm of graffiti in the subway stations. At that point he oriented his research towards the study of primitive rock paintings and engravings; borders, territories and maps relive through the colors and violent signs of modern day civilization. Textured black, red and yellow backgrounds are crossed by full-bodied grooves and create a captivating fusion on the canvas: the chromatic vitality of the painting matches the strident traces of engraving, another technique in which the artist excels. Later Ramella’s interest turned to a reinterpretation of a figurative genre par excellence such as the portrait. In the early Zero years he dedicated a series of works to the figure of Vincent Van Gogh, in which an undeniable physiognomic research is resolved in chromatic torments, more abstract and indefinite than figurative and corporeal. eyes and looks in a particular way to represent the cornerstones on which the artist’s curiosity focuses.

The mural work produced for the MAU, on a blind wall in via Locana 19, was created in 2003

Giorgio Ramella

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