The Museum of Urban Art (MAU) is the only museum in Europe entirely dedicated to public art. This extraordinary place represents an open air gallery of contemporary art, available to citizens. We invite you to share with us a visiting experience that opens new horizons to the concept of widespread aesthetics starting from #streetart understood as relational art.

The appointment on Saturday 5th September is even more special, as at the end of the visit we will attend the inauguration of new works signed by Sipder and Mr. Fjiodor, two artists who certainly deserve your attention.

👉 Event Info Saturday 5th September at 4.00 pm Via Netro, 2 Turin (Sant’Alfonso) Euro 10 p.p. (including visit + donation to the MAU)

👉 The visit is accessible to a limited number of participants, reservations are required.

Contat 366.238.63.48

Saturday 5 September 2020, from 6.00 pm, official inauguration of the three murals produced by the Urban Art Museum and set up on the walls of the Dogana Craft Brewery, via Rocciamelone 12 in Turin, one of the main meeting points of the Borgo Campidoglio.

The works were created by Mr. Fijodor and Spider, two of the most important exponents of Turin and Italian Street Art. The subjects are representations of the life and monuments of Borgo Campidoglio, painted with bright and bright colors, and a sense of rhythm and dynamism, which evokes the storm of scents and colors of the neighborhood, comparable to the excellent beer available at Dogana.
The initiative is part of the “Campidoglio Forge: the backstage of a neighborhood” project.

Institutional supporters: Piedmont Region, Compagnia di San Paolo, CRT Foundation.

Supporter: Italian Buddhist Union.

Patronage: Municipality of Turin.

Technical sponsor: OIKOS Color and Matter for Architecture, Fiammengo Federico srl

Artistic Direction of the MAU Gallery: Daniele D’Antonio and Edoardo Di Mauro

Partner: Tribù Association of the Bad Night Cafè / Cabin of Diffused Art, Officine Brand, Galleria Campidoglio

Info: 335 6398351


Inauguration of new works by Mr. Fijodor and Spider at Dogana. With guided tour

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