Museo d’Arte Urbana Campidoglio

Associazione Culturale di Promozione Sociale

Via Rocciamelone 7 c 10143 Torino

 Cell. +39 335 6398351 328 2313381 335 8163421

Monday 2 March: Treviso Art High School 40 participants

April: visit with the Volonwrite Association for the creation of video for disability routes for 15 participants

Friday 26 June: La Sapienza University students on stage at the Merzger Brewery 40 participants

Wednesday 19 August Cooperativa Valdocco 30 participants

Monday 24 August Cooperativa Valdocco 20 participants

Saturday 3, Thursday 8, Tuesday 13 October Third Age University 100 total admissions

Thursday 12 November First Art School 25 participants

Monday 14 December International Help Onlus 15 participants



Friday, April 24 70th Liberation 30 participants (combination of the Air-raid Shelter)

Sunday 17 May Spring Festival Day against Homophobia 30 participants (combination of Air-raid Hut)

Friday 5 June LAN Campidoglio San Donato 25 participants

Friday 3 July Architecture Festival in the City 25 participants (combination of Air-raid Hut)

Tuesday 5 August Chinese students Albertina Academy 15 participants

Saturday 12 September disabled path Volonwrite Association 20 participants

Sunday 20 September Grape Festival (combination of the Antiaereo Refuge) 30 participants

Saturday 10 October LAN Campidoglio San Donato Contemporary Day (combination of the Antiaereo Hut) 25 participants
Saturday 21 November MAU Festival of the twentieth anniversary of Contemporary Torino Piemonte (combination of Antiaereo Hut) 40 participants

Sunday, November 22nd path for the disabled Volonwrite Association 20 participants

There are also 500 annual presences of spontaneous visitors who do not use a guide.


Visitor statistics from 2015 to 2021

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