SAT & MAUA at MAU – Tour, Final Drink and OUTDOOR BADNIGHTCAFE ‘


2007-2020 Thirteen years of Badnight

1 October 2020 8.30 pm – 10.30 pm @ MAU, outside facing Galleria MAU, via Rocciamelone 7 / c

– Turin Thirteen years after its foundation, the Tribù del Badnightcafè retraces its activities with an anthology of its projects, through the posters that accompanied them and largely unpublished video material. The screening will take place in front of the premises that house the MAU, Museum of Urban Art, as well as the seat of the Museum itself, at the end of a guided tour that will start at 18.30 with a guided tour by SAT + MAUA + MAU to the works of the MAU in Borgo Campidoglio

Visit SAT & MAUA al MAU

To greet with a flourish the summer spent together with # Thursdays with SAT & MAUA, we thought of a season finale in one of the neighborhoods with which SAT has always collaborated: Borgo Campidoglio and its MAU_MUSEO D’ARTE URBANA in TURIN. On the occasion of the #esternonotte event, we thought of a special tour to discover the works of urban art in augmented reality present in Borgata Campidoglio. The appointment is set for Thursday 01 October at 18.00 and will be a pleasant walk around the Borgo as well as the official opportunity to present the latest street art works created in the district under the artistic direction of Edoardo Di Mauro, president of the MAU, who will be with us. The walk will end by sipping a beer at the Dogana Torino, craft brewery, the beating soul of the neighborhood, waiting to admire the video projection on the walls of the MAU headquarters.


The screening is organized by Tribù del Badnightcafè and is part of the initiative launched by Camera_TO:


the great event of projections spread through the streets and neighborhoods of Turin.
Il tour si effettuerà a piedi e il meeting point sarà direttamente in Campidoglio.
In caso di maltempo il tour sarà riprogrammato in data da definire.
HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN THE STREET ART TOUR? ONLY VIA MAIL (participation in the facebook event does not in any way guarantee registration for the tour) at the address: Specifying the name, surname of each participant and a telephone number in case of need. Registration no later than Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 6.00 pm. VERY LIMITED PLACES. The tour will be activated when the minimum number of 5 participants is reached. MEETING POINT: Directly in Borgo Campidoglio at 18.00 Info> COST> Duration> Tour details via email always at IMPORTANT The activity will take place in compliance with the legislation on social distancing, so the collaboration of the participants will be fundamental, in the interest and safety of all. Also for this reason, a maximum of 10 participants will be admitted and with mandatory mask for the participants for the entire duration of the tour, so that it takes place in safe conditions.

MAU_ Museum of URBAN Art_ The MAU – Museum of Urban Art is a set of masonry works and other artistic installations distributed among the streets of the Campidoglio, one of the oldest districts of Turin, starting from 1998 and with subsequent contributions over time.


SAT_ Street Art Tourino_ Following in the footsteps of the great European capitals, the SAT- Street Art TOuRINO project was also born in Turin, which consists in the organization of various artistic-cultural paths that develop and wind through the streets of Turin and its province, aimed at making the works of contemporary muralism and street art, created over the years and placed, precisely, on the metropolitan and provincial road network. SAT is a ludo-artistic path aimed at both lovers and neophytes of Urban Art; it is carried out mainly on foot but for sports lovers a type of bike tour has also been designed: the biketour. Tours run from March to November.


MAUA_Museum of Augmented Urban Art An open-air museum, outside the center, to discover surprising works of street art, between the districts of Milan, Turin and Palermo in the less traveled streets of the cities. Zero walls, but many colored walls: welcome to the first widespread museum of augmented street art, a journey through the works of street art, selected by the inhabitants of the neighborhoods themselves. Once on site, the experience continues in digital form: framed with the smartphone, the work is transformed into a work of digital art, animated in augmented reality.

Dogana Torino opens its doors in 2017. Diego, Fulvio and Fabrizio, with the support of Birrificio Sant’Andrea, think of what was missing in the city of Turin, a Rock brewery. Free like Rock, alive like Rock. The Borgo Campidoglio fully reflects the style of Dogana Torino, in every alley there are small shops of blacksmiths, carpenters, artists with brushes, ceramics or leather. Even the beers, juices or sandwiches that are offered are created by artists of the sector. From the 9 tapping taps come beers from all over the world, all in rotation. Craft beer, quality beer, live beer, call it what you like, the important thing is that it has a capital “B”!

Tribe of the Badnightcafè Cultural Association of Turin. It groups together those who, professionals and non-professionals, intend to propose their own works, projects, works, ideas in the artistic field. Fields of activity: photography, music, literature, multimedia, dance, theater

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