“Tales of art”, accessible guided tours to the works of the Turin Urban Art Museum Saturday 3 and 17 October at 10

Fucina Campidoglio presents “Art Tales”, accessible guided tours to the works of the Turin Urban Art Museum as part of the MAU for All project Fucina Campidoglio is pleased to invite you to “Art Tales”, a program of accessible guided tours at the Urban Art Museum of Turin. The initiative (born from an idea by MAU president Edoardo Di Mauro and realized thanks to the contribution of the theater actress Adriana Zamboni) provides an inclusive path among some of the murals that decorate Borgo Vecchio Campidoglio, which will be described through the recitation of small tales capable of evoking their sensations. This is how the MAU for All project continues this year, experimental visits in collaboration with the Volonwrite Association to meet the needs of visitors with disabilities. The experience, specially designed for blind and visually impaired people, is also open to deaf people (the presence of an LIS interpreter is required), with motor and intellectual / relational disabilities looking for a full immersion in contemporary art in the context of a of the most interesting realities on the Italian scene. “Those who look – explains Zamboni – and see, understanding the stimuli of the optic nerve and its cerebral translation, can try to translate with other sensory and narratives for those who do not see with their eyes but interpret with the rest of their body. Respect without pietism, pay attention, take care, look and go beyond the surface of the image in the era of visionary and instant communication: it is worthwhile, every now and then, to stop and listen to someone who slowly tells us a story “. Guided tours, both free, are scheduled for Saturday 3 and Saturday 17 October at 10 am. Reservations are required by contacting the telephone number 3402679727 (also via sms or Whatsapp) or the e-mail address Associazionevolonwrite@gmail.com. To guarantee the necessary physical distance, the maximum number of places available is 15 including accompanying persons; the course will take place in compliance with the anti-Covid19 legislation, the use of a mask is mandatory.

FUCINA CAMPIDOGLIO The project was born from the collaboration between the cultural operators of the Campidoglio district, determined to join forces to promote the best in the area. MAU Museum of Urban Art, CCNA Campidoglio, Punto G Atelier of Giuliana Milia, Calza di Cuoio Association, Gli Artimani Association, Art Deco Snc, Voglino Editrice, Casadart & Cresciani, Artindossa, Studio Venisti, Alberto Garino Arredamenti, Craft Brewery Dogana, Enoteca Stuzzivino, Peperosso Restaurant are the first: many others will add to this desire for regeneration for the township.

MUSEUM OF URBAN ART (www.museoarteurbana.it) Born in 1995, the Mau is the first open-air contemporary art museum in an Italian urban center, a journey through more than 170 works created on the walls of houses and squares in the Borgo Vecchio Campidoglio, a working-class district that still preserves its original structure intact, making it a real “town within the city”. The works are in constant change, restoration and creation thanks to projects periodically promoted by the association.

ADRIANA ZAMBONI (www.adrianazamboni.com) Graduated in architecture, in 1975 she was one of the founding members of the Laboratorio Teatro Settimo, with which she collaborated until 2001 dealing with the invention and realization of theatrical performances, development of projects concerning the pedagogical aspect, theatrical animation and education, image, set-up of exhibitions and installations as well as graphic and video productions. Former collaborator of the theatrical companies Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro, Cast and Marche Teatro, currently working as a free-lance, she is a member of Compagnia3001 and is the referent of the theater-school project of the Municipality of Settimo Torinese.

VOLONWRITE ASSOCIATION (www.volonwrite.org) Volonwrite has been dealing with social communication since 2009 with the aim of proposing a modern and inclusive language offering equal opportunities to young people with and without disabilities. The commitment has materialized with the publication of the Guide to Accessible Movida, the management of the homonymous news site, awareness-raising projects (at schools and public and private bodies) and the conduct of radio programs broadcast on Radio 110 and Radio Flash. . It currently offers journalistic services through multimedia and is active in the production of videos and as a press office for social issues. Volonwrite has made two short films finalists in the Works in Short competition (“Progetto Prisma” and “Gli equilibristi”), available on the association’s Youtube channel. Institutional supporters: Piedmont Region, Compagnia di San Paolo, CRT Foundation, District 6 – City of Turin, City of Turin – Leisure Sector. Supporter: Italian Buddhist Union. Technical Sponsors: OIKOS Color and Matter for Architecture, Fiammengo Federico srl Artistic Direction of the MAU Gallery: Daniele D’Antonio, Edoardo Di Mauro. Partners: Tribù Association of the Bad Night Cafè / Cabin of Diffused Art, Officine Brand (www.officinebrand.it), Galleria Campidoglio (www.galleriacampidoglio.it). Info: 335 6398351 info@museoarteurbana.it.

mau for all 2020
“Tales of art”, accessible guided tours to the works of the Turin Urban Art Museum Saturday 3 and 17 October at 10 am

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