Treasure Hunt @MAU – Street Art Escape

The Museum of Urban Art organizes an unprecedented escape tour. The #streetart will be the protagonist of this #SocialGame …. but only the fastest team will be able to win a collector’s prize !!!!
Credit: / 366.238.63.48

The treasure hunt will be held in the Borgo Vecchio Campidoglio, home of the Mau.
We will organize into teams and receive the #GameKit, that is:
📌Map of the MAU
📌 Name Badge Start the game! 🚀🚀🚀
You will receive from the #GameMaster the clues to look for one of the works placed in the Museum and of which you will have to send the photo to the Master to receive the next clue. Only the fastest team in tracking down all the works will be able to #prize the beer cans, inspired by the #PopArt, limited edition and collectible !!!
Event information
📌Saturday 4th July at 6.00 pm
📌 Credit Euro 15 p.p.
👉 including welcome to the MAU + game kit + game master + prize
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