This year the Grape Festival hosts the first Market Exhibition of the Piedmont Publishers Committee, organized in collaboration with Voglino Editrice and Comitato Editori Piemonte: in an unfavorable year for the events dedicated to the book, Quartiere Campidoglio tries to give space to culture and independent publishing, during its historic event organized by the merchants of Via Nicola Fabrizi.

The editors of the Committee participating in this edition are:

Voglino Editrice – Didattica Attiva – Musica Practica, is a small publishing group (based in the area) that deals with social and civil commitment, teaching and creative pedagogy, and music(

Atene del Canaveseit is aimed at children, parents, teachers with particular attention to the enhancement of the territory of the province of Turin.


Buendia Books is an independent non-paid publishing house that publishes short stories and novels by local authors(

Editrice La Piccolinamainly publishes books for children and teenagers with a focus on educational issues

(Collana Nativi Matematici) (

Edizioni Ester is a small publishing house that deals with spiritual and esoteric research. (

Edizioni Lina Brun is an independent publishing house aimed at discovering the environment, nature and journeys to discover the world to tell children about it (also in 6 languages).(

Buckfastedizioni is a young publishing house that deals with the history and traditions of the territory, memories, stories and family memories



33rd edition of the Grape Festival in Via Nicola Fabrizi and the first Market Exhibition of the Piedmont Publishers Committee

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