Enrico Tommaso De Paris

Enrico De Paris, 2002



Opera realizzata in Via Locana 14 nel 2002

1999_cellule abitative 220x165

Cellule abitative, 220x 165 cm, 1999.

Enrico Tommaso DE PARIS  nasce a Mel provincia di Belluno l’8 gennaio del 1960, dopo essersi diplomato in elettronica industriale ed aver frequentato per tre anni la Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria di Torino, dove tuttora vive,  inizia ad esporre nel 1990,  grazie all’intuizione di Guido Carbone , Corrado Levi e Luciano Pistoi.
Come dice l’autore: “Prediligo analizzare immagini, sensazioni, scritti, provenienti non solo dal paesaggio urbano e dalla mia quotidiana lotta per la sopravvivenza ma anche dalla televisione, dal cinema, da internet, dalle pubblicazioni tecno-scientifiche, dai saggi, dalla pubblicità, ecc.ecc.
Sviluppo così un immaginario complesso sia per le tecniche pittoriche usate, sia per lo sviluppo tridimensionale dei soggetti.
La città e il mondo diventano allora il mezzo per la mia espressione artistica ed il fine è quello di inventare nuove metafore per riconoscere il nuovo pianeta che velocemente si trasforma davanti i nostri occhi, inventare così paesaggi di sintesi una iconografia semplice ma non semplicistica, aumentare la semplicità per tenere alta l’intensità, arrivare così all’essenziale.
Come artista sono impegnato a mettere in evidenza tutto quello che abbiamo sotto i nostri occhi e che i nostri occhi molte volte non vedono.”



…speak of our contemporary way of life, talking of a world that is continuously expanding and constantly changing before our eyes, trying in this way to adapt our minds and souls to the transformations of our daily life and that of the man of the future, changes wrought by social migrations, technology and bio-technologies.

Trying in this fashion to document the so-called “state of things”; images, sensations, writings that pivot around the man of today thus become stimuli to take action, to suggest the possibility that man may construct a brave new world, a constantly-renewed reality, inventing new metaphors to recognize the new planet.

My work consists in constructing mobiles ( serie: INSIDE; LABORATORY; >CHROMOSOMA< ; GENESIS ) and fragmented pictorial structures; I organize signals and stimuli in order to construct something with a more scientific than aesthetic, more social than formal character; I feel that, as an artist, this is my function within society.

I explore all aspects of man: rights, needs, dreams and his innate desire of the future. As there are no maps of the future and its outlines are traced by bio-technologies ( serie ORGANIC ) and by the chemical-pharmaceutical and agro-food multi-nationals, it is easy to insert a further vision, to create “world-works” ( serie FLUSSI ) , metaphors that act as conceptual model, that not only describe but also predict.

All this because every culture is a synthesis of reality and simulation, a tightly-knit interplay of symbolic references that replace things or round out their essence so that they become an instrument at the service of man.

Today, more than ever before, the world develops at an increasingly faster pace, is modified according to ever more complex schemes that defy representation. Hence the need for open thought, unrestricted by schemes, a “center-less” way of thinking like the non-linear logic of electronic languages (flow-chart, feed-back, loop). The messages aim to stimulate the sensitivity with which we must approach the world that surrounds us day-by-day.

The contemporary artist adopts a multiple-logic approach, lives in contact with several material and spiritual realities, with several moments, ways of living, constantly changing his point of view in order to increase the energy with which the world imbues him. In his imagination, the artist must exalt the contents of contemporary life and contribute unswerving positivity …. illuminating signals, constructing in-progress works, structures that can be optically reconfigured and which are open to various interpretations; there is no beginning or end but a galaxy of meanings; there is no definitive, satisfying univocal key to interpretation; not a random chain of messages but also, not one prospective but many points of view, a representation that speaks loudly of the energy and positivity of the creative power of evolution and of man’s potential in the new millennium.



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